Along with some fixes, GTM4WP v1.15 beta1 comes with lots of updates to existing functionality and some new features as well. This post goes through the list quickly, a more detailed description will be created once the final release is out.

gtm4wp 1 15 beta announcement share image

List of changes in v1.15 beta1

Added features

  • pagePostType data layer variable will now return 404-error on 404 pages and search-results on search result pages
  • Google Tag Manager container code can be disabled for specific WordPress user roles under Advanced plugin options. A browser console warning will be shown in such cases to prevent confusion
  • Support for all Contact Form 7 events for more granual tracking: gtm4wp.contactForm7MailSent, gtm4wp.contactForm7MailFailed, gtm4wp.contactForm7SpamDetected, gtm4wp.contactForm7InvalidInput

Fixes in the release

  • Unclickable products in WooCommerce product lists in Firefox when visiting site in Strict privacy mode or using private browsing
  • Tracking step 2 on WooCommerce checkout page was broken

Updates to existing features

  • Removed CDATA blocks as they are not required in simple HTML and they break some cases where code optimizer is being used
  • Products per impression in WooCommerce integration now defaults to 10 instead of 0. This allows view_item_list event to fire on new sites as well
  • Code placement options. Separated container on/off option and replaced code placement with the new terminology: compatibility mode
  • Removed optional chaining operator usage (?.) in JavaScript codes for better compatibility with outdated browsers
  • Changed ‘Do not flag orders as being tracked’ description to be more precise about what happens if turned on or left off
  • If you enter your custom domain name for server side tagging with the https:// prefix, it will be removed before domain name validation
  • All script blocks to be ignored by Cookiebot if this integration is enabled
  • Do not track WooCommerce order where payment failed

How to download GTM4WP 1.15 beta 1?

You can download the new version from GitHub. Download the source code and replace plugin files under /wp-content/plugins/duracelltomi-google-tag-manager directory.

Since this is a beta version, please do not install this on production servers as it might contain bugs.

How to report bugs?

Please open a ticket on the GitHub repository of the project or open a thread on the support forum. In all cases please provide:

  • WordPress version number
  • WooCommerce version number (if any)
  • URL of your site
  • A way to place a test order without the need to use a real bank card (for WooCommerce related questions)
  • GTM4WP version (in this case v1.15 beta1)

Will there be a beta2, beta3, etc?

That depends on how much bugs we find during testing. It is important that there will be no further announcement posts about v1.15 betas on this blog. Please follow the GitHub repository of this project and also follow the Facebook and Twitter accounts to get notified about new beta releases.

When will v1.15 final version be released?

If everything goes well, it will be released on 28th February.