Data about the weather conditions around the current visitor

Please note: this feature is experimental. There is no guarantee that it will always work and provide the proper information. If you are using it, please let us know whether it works for you as expected.

How to enable weather data?

This feature is disabled by default which means that you will need to enable it:

  • Go to Settings / Google Tag Manager on your WordPress admin area
  • Click on the Basic data tab
  • Click on the Weather data subtab
  • Put a check mark into the boxes shown on that page

Enabling this will allow you to access the following Data Layer Variables on all pages:


This will include the group of weather parameters: Rain, Snow, Extreme, Clear, etc.


This will include the exact weather condition within the group: Sky is clear, etc.


This will include a float number with the current temperature around the current visitor. To set whether to show this number in Celsius or Fahrenheit, go to the plugin settings and set the corresponding radio button.


This will include an integer number with the current pressure around the current visitor.


This will include a float number with the current wind speed around the current visitor.


This will include an integer number with the current wind direction in degrees around the current visitor.