Tag Manager basics

If you are new to Google Tag Manager, I collected some infos for you to be able to decide whether you need Google Tag Manager on Your website or not.

Google Tag Manager is Google’s free product that can handle your tags. It’s easy, isn’t it? 🙂

It can be confusing the term “tags” since WordPress has its own tags so you might ask the question “why the hell do I need a 3rd party tool to manage my WordPress tags?” The question is good, the answer is simple: the term “tag” in Google Tag Manager is something very different.

If you are “simply” a blogger, you may already use Google Analytics using one of the Google Analytics plugins for WordPress available. Those plugins place a small code snippet into you webpages so that Google can track visitors and many more on your website.

If you are an e-commerce store and you are using some PPC tool you may got a so called “conversion code” from your agency to be able to track orders/leads/subscribers/etc. on your site inside the PPC system.

We call all kind of them a “tag”.

Google Tag Manager can help you manage those tags on your website by enabling you the enter every necessary information on an easy-to-use website and let Google to bother how to include those tags and. You may already ask yourself: do I really need Google Tag Manager? Not every website needs it.

I wrote a separate article for you to be able to decide.

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