Do I need Tag Manager?

As I mentioned in the intro article you may not need to use Google Tag Manager on your website.

In this article I try to give you some advice so that you can decide whether you need all this or not.

If you are a blogger who only uses Google Analytics to track visitors and actually nothing more, you may not need Google Tag Manager on your website since replacing one tag with another tag does seems to be meaningless. However if you plan to migrate to Universal Analytics (Google’s next major version of Google Analytics), you may consider switching to Google Tag Manager. Why?

If you are not a programmer, you have to know that “Classic” Google Analytics and Universal Analytics does not “understand” the same language. You have to give them different commands for the same purposes which makes migration a little bit tricky. However if you are using Google Tag Manager (using my plugin) you only have to code everything once and let Google Tag Manager to handle what exact command needs to be fired for “Classic” Google Analytics and for Universal Analytics.

Moreover you do not have to code in most cases since my plugin does this for you! You only have setup your tags on Google’s website and that’s it! No programming needed!

If you are running a magazine using WordPress it is recommended for you to switch since you may using not just Google Analytics or any other kind of visitor tracking but other tags like remarketing or so.

I think it is clear know that if you are running an e-commerce website you have many reasons to migrate too. Analytics tags, PPC tags, conversion codes and so on can be tracked very easily. Furthermore if you are using WooCommerce on your website, my plugin can give you many interesting features: it can send e-commerce data to be tracked in Google/Universal Analytics and it implements AdWords Dynamic Remarketing so that you can target your product ads more exactly.