Missing Google Analytics transactions? Here are 10 reasons why!

Missing Google Analytics transactions are on my top list of frequently asked questions via the support forum or email. If you are running an e-commerce store and tracking orders using Google Analytics, most probably you encountered the problem: you see a purchase on your admin backend but you do not see this in your Google Analytics reports. And this is usually not related to the webshop system you are using: WooCommerce store owners face this issue maybe daily just as Magento users or even Shopify store owners. But why is that? Is this a bug? A “feature”? Something you need to live with or something that can be fixed? Let’s get through some explanations and possible fixes.

Google Analytics plugin or Tag Manager plugin: benefits and disadvantages

WordPress has a great gallery of plugins, extensions written by 3rd party developers. There are some plugins in the top downloaded list, which are installed on many websites, that makes it easy to measure website traffic, visitor behavior using Google Analytics. More and more users of my Google Tag Manager plugin are therefore confused how this plugin and Google Tag Manager itself differs from those very good and popular Google Analytics plugins. Let’s talk about the benefits of using my plugin.