1. Thanks Tamas for a such a great plugin. It greatly simplifies the setup of GTM on WP.

  2. The weather API is not working? Should looking into it. Thanks for the great plugin.

    1. geoplugin.net blocks IP->LatLon requests even on my own test site which does not have any traffic. Currently, I am testing a switch to ip-api.com which seems to me working on my test site now. If this keeps working, it will be included in the next plugin version

      1. WOW! That will be great. I have another geoplug in for you:

        // Set up variables for the API call
        var endpointgeo = ‘https://freegeoip.net/json/’; // Free HTTPS GeoIP API
        var latitude = ‘Undefined’;
        var longitude = ‘Undefined’;
        var weather = ‘Undefined’;
        var temperature = ‘N/A’;
        var temperaturevalue = ‘N/A’;

        Check for more details, it works, you can consider intergrate too, thanks for such awesome plugin.

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